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USB Flash Drive Company in Lagos, Nigeria

EloquentGift  is your trusted, reliable source of quality imprinted or custom USB flash drives. Based in Lagos- Nigeria, Eloquent Gift sells flash drives of all types to large companies and to small, entrepreneurial businesses. Whether you need usb with the shape of a credit card or custom shaped USB EloquentGift is a Nigerian leader in Custom USB Drives printed with your information and logo. Price beat promise on branded promotional flash keys.

Genuine USB Drive Chipset

As a direct importer of Flash Drive in Nigeria, it is our job to ensure the chipset inside the USB drive is genuine and full capacity. We are the distributor for OEM flash drive as well as branded USB in Nigeria. We welcome small orders as well as bulk orders.

The smallest flash drives that we sell can hold 64 Megabytes of data, and the most advanced devices to-date are able to store 256 Gigabytes of information.

Types of Flash-drives

Our company offers custom USB drives that are made of rubber, finished aluminum, many types of wood, steel and recycled materials. Depending on what your business does, you can choose a flash drive that looks like a miniature replica of a bus, a guitar, a camera, a phone, toothpaste etc. In addition to our prebuilt pieces, our customers can choose a promotional USB key that wraps around their wrists, connects to a key chain or functions as a pen.

School or universities love our credit card / business card USB storage. They can print their campus or departmental logo with full color UV printing on the card shape USB drive. This can be put up for sale or given to students on registration

Add Your Logo

At ELOQUENT, we are able to add your company’s unique style, colors and designs to the flash drives that you order. We provide exceptionally competitive prices when you choose a printing scheme of three colors or a single color for each side of the device. If you want an especially fancy USB drive, we are able to add up to six solid colors in addition to white ink. Furthermore, we can etch words, pictures and logos into flash drives that are made of wood and leather by using precise lasers.

Place your Order

We Make it VERY, VERY SIMPLE to Order Promotional Flash Drives for Your Business, Company, Government, Organization, Union, University, NGO, College, School, Promotion, Incentive Program, Event, Trade show, Conference, Convention or whatever.

Choose your choice from our collection and place your order. You can also whatsapp us on 08181447766 to discuss your USB need or simply send us a mail on